Sponsoring the SayWhatClub

SayWhatClub (SWC) is a non-profit internet based organization for people with hearing loss or interested in hearing loss issues.

Currently we are completely internet based for our daily activities and rely on e-mail for our daily communications. To facilitate this communication, we run several mailing lists.

In addition to our mailing lists we have our website containing the newsletter, SWC information, links to other hearing loss resources etc. Once a year we organize a convention with workshops that gives our subscribers an opportunity to meet each other in person and acquire information and knowledge or skills that will help them in dealing with their hearing loss and the difficulties it may cause in various areas (social, at work etc.)

SayWhatClub is run by volunteers and is not using free capacity of servers at a university, company or other institution for its operations. We have to pay our mailing lists, websites and other activities ourselves.

For this we rely on donations of our subscribers and other people and companies or institutions who want to support SWC and its activities.

If you would like to sponsor SWC and its activities, please contact our Sponsorship Manager at sponsor@saywhatclub.com. We are always happy to discuss banners, links, and/or other ways of acknowledging your sponsorship.