“Don’t Let Drugs Wreck Your Ears—Here’s How to Put the Odds in Your Favor!”

“Ototoxic” is a word people seldom learn about until some drug has robbed them of their hearing, caused their ears to ring or damaged their balance. You do not have to let ototoxic drugs wreck your ears. This presentation, taught by the author of the book “Ototoxic Drugs Exposed”, now in its 3rd edition, explains how all-pervading ototoxic drugs are, details some of the more common ototoxic side effects and gives real-life examples of the kinds of damage such drugs do to our ears. But more importantly, you will learn a number of ways to minimize your chances of having drugs damage your ears.

Neil Bauman, Ph.D., (Dr. Neil) is a hearing loss coping skills specialist, researcher, author and speaker on issues related to hearing loss. Dr. Neil is no stranger to the problems associated with hearing loss. He has successfully lived with a life-long severe hearing loss himself.

Dr. Neil did not let his hearing loss stop him from achieving what he wanted to do throughout the years. For example, over the years he has earned several degrees in fields ranging from forestry to ancient astronomy (Ph.D.) and theology (Th.D.). Later, he trained as a hearing loss coping skills specialist.

He is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Hearing Loss Help. In addition, Neil is an active member of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA) and of course, is a long-time member of the SayWhatClub.