Jim House is the Director of Public Relations at TDI, a position he has held since 1999. Some of his more far-reaching achievements in this position include witnessing the enactment of the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 at the White House, presentations on consumer advocacy, the digital television and captioning issues as well as writing successful grant proposals resulting in more than $3 million in federal funding to develop emergency preparedness training programs and other projects. He has been involved in planning for publications, conferences and workshops.. With a layman’s understanding of “how things work”, Jim has given sophistication to publications such as TDI World and its Annual Directory for People Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing - also known as The Blue Book, bringing a wealth of telecommunications and media access resources for professionals and consumers alike. He is actively involved in several consumer/industry forums and coalitions covering access issues with the captioning, emergency communications and in mobile, text and video telecommunications. Prior to TDI, Jim has been an advocate of various disability rights issues for more than 25 years on local and state levels. In 1987, he was a key player in the establishment of the first real-time local news captioning service in Washington, DC on its ABC affiliate, WJLA TV-7.