Jane Schlau

Jane Schlau, Ed.D., lost her hearing over a 2 year period, becoming deafened in 2000. Since that time, Jane earned a doctoral degree in education, researching acquired deafness, and is currently the Principal of St. Mary's School for the Deaf in Buffalo. A former member of the HC committee in SWC, Jane is involved in advocacy for those with hearing loss, serving in ALDA (Association of Late Deafened Adults, Inc.) as President and Region Director I as well as being a two-time ALDAcon Chairperson; was a member of the Department of Health and Human Services Working Group on Closing the Gaps for Children and Youth with Hearing Loss, and is currently on the New York State Advisory Group on Rural Education. She additionally workes with Deaf Adult Services in Buffalo, in her role as Principal, on grass-roots efforts for accommodations in venues such as medical and work settings. Jane has presented on various topics related to hearing loss across the country and has written a number of articles on hearing loss. Jane is married to husband Larry for almost 35 years; she has two children, a wonderful daughter-in-law and two beautiful grandchildren.