Amy Bosworth

Fall Down Seven Times Stand Up Eight - SWC Con 2011

Amy was born and raised in Central Texas but outgrew her boots and left the conformity of Comfort to live in the mountains outside of Nederland Colorado where she now lives, writes and rides the Carousel of Happiness.

Her heroes are Willie Nelson, her Daddy and her son Josh - a soldier currently serving stateside in the US Army. She considers her best work to date her four children. She likes long walks on the beach, prefers her steaks medium rare and believes in the mystical magic of unicorns.

Amy's articles, essays, short stories and poems have appeared in many periodicals including Hearing Loss Magazine, The Hands and Voices Communicator, Blue Collar Review, Broken Streets, Mamaphonic and ALDA Reader. Her work is currently featured in My Baby Rides the Short Bus (PM Press), Contemporary American Woman: Our Defining Passages (All Things That Matter Press) and She's Shameless (Tightrope Books) Amy's novella, The Mean Time was a Tin House Summer Lit Series Semi-Finalist.

Amy joined SWC in 1999 as member of World and is also an active member of the CI list.

She is prone to falling down and alternates between bursting into tears, song and obscenities, sometimes all three at once.