About Us

Do You Say “What?”

Are you a person dealing with hearing loss? If you are hard of hearing, deaf or late-deafened, or have a friend or family member struggling with hearing loss, SayWhatClub (SWC) might be just what you are looking for.

What is the SWC?

SayWhatClub is an on-line group of circa 400 late-deafened, hard of hearing and Deaf adults and other interested people who provide support and encouragement to each other through e-mail. Our goal is to provide a friendly, good-humored place to exchange conversation, information, advice, deep thoughts, humor, tall tales, and chit-chat. Participants get to know each other and develop an on-line “community feeling.”

Currently SayWhatClub runs ten mailing lists.

Five “general” lists

  • Connect
  • Forum
  • Friends
  • Vistas
  • World

Three permanent “focused” lists

  • Advocacy — for people wanting to get involved in hearing-loss advocacy
  • CI — for people having or considering a Cochlear Implant
  • Menieres — for those with Menieres disease

Explore — a general discussion list for people wanting to interact with other SWC people outside their main list

Commons — A list for short-term special-topic discussions

We are scattered worldwide and depend on electronic mail and the Internet to communicate with one another. At various times we’ve had members living in Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, Israel, Denmark, England, New Zealand, Finland, India, Canada, Italy, Japan, United States and other countries.

We ask participants to keep in mind that our backgrounds, skills, religious convictions, outlooks on life, hearing, signing, lip-reading (nowadays often called “speech reading”), and typing abilities vary greatly. Please be tolerant and patient.

In addition to the e-mail groups, SayWhatClub participants also enjoy a web-based newsletter and can participate in realtime chats.

Many SWCers periodically meet in small conventions and other social gatherings. SWCers have met all over the world. See our convention page for current information.


SayWhatClub is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization supported primarily by donations from its subscribers. The group began forming in the early 1990’s and in December of 1998 incorporated as a Washington State nonprofit corporation. Seven members currently sit on the Board of Directors and oversee with the help of various committees, the running of the SWC.

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