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If you are experiencing hearing loss, SayWhatClub (SWC) is the place to connect with others who have similar experiences and can relate to what you are going through. SayWhatClub is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization run by volunteers, and membership is free.

Our on-line communities provide access to people who know the feelings, frustrations, and yes, even the humor you are likely to encounter. This is a great place to share and support each other without having to strain to hear a conversation. A friend who understands is only as far away as your computer.

We host several groups for friendly conversation where you can ask questions, compare notes, contribute to our understanding of coping with hearing loss or just shoot the breeze and share the events of your life. (After all, each of us is definitely more than a pair of broken ears!)

We have two groups that address specific interests:
  • SWC_CI is for people interested in or already having had cochlear implants.
  • SWCMenieres is for people dealing with combined hearing and balance issues
To inquire about joining, email, or click on the links above and we'll be happy to give you more details.

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Visit the official public SWC blog. We invite you to read what others say, and to post your own stories or comments. We hear you!

Our search engine will locate only subjects dealing with hearing loss. Our Members Only link leads to in-house information for current participants.

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We look forward to meeting you!

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